Important Dates

Application Deadline: Jan 31, 2016

Decision Notification: Feb 6, 2016

The program schedule to those accepted will be sent along with the kickoff event date

Subsequent meetings will occur every Sunday. Tentative start date is Feb.21, 2016.

Submit completed applications via email by stipulated last date to:

Vijayashree Venkatraman at

Chapter coordinator (Co-Chair, TiE Young Entrepreneur Program) at email id:

The application can also be downloaded from the website:

Important Information

Criteria: TiE Young Entrepreneurs is an exciting and challenging program designed to help high-school and middle school students develop business acumen and realize the rewards of entrepreneurship.

Fees: Enroll as a TiE Student Member Fees


If you have questions about the program, please send email to or call 214-882-9905

Last name First name Middle name
Street City/Town State Zip code
Parent 1 Parent 2
Mother Father Legal Guardian Mother Father Legal Guardian
Street Street
City/Town City/Town
State State
Zip code Zip code
Street City/Town State Zip code
mm/yyyy   mm/yyyy   (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

Please list any academic distinctions, honors and/or awards you have received (and the years in which you received them):



Please list your most important extracurricular and community activities:

Activity Position & Accomplishments Dates Hrs/Week
Work Experience

Please list any job or internships you held over the past three years(including summer employment or internships):

Employer Position/Role Dates Hrs/Week

Please attach a copy of your school transcript or grade report.


Please provide short essay answers, in 150 words or less, to the single question in Part A and one of the four question in Part B. Answer these questions starting on the next page(or as a separate attachment) and please include the question at the start of each response.

Part A:

Why do you want to join the TiE Young Entrepreneurs Program? What do you hope to achieve through the program?

Part B:
1. Describe an important achievement of yours from last 12 months. Why did you choose this example?
2. What is your vision on what you want to be in next 10 years? Are there are any steps you are taking now to achieve the target?
3. Describe a big challenge you have faced and what you have learned about yourself in the process.
4. Discuss some issue of personal,local,national, or international concern and its importance to you.