Hope all is well.  As a recap of last week’s session, we learnt how you would go about ‘selling’ your idea/plan convincingly and how your own personal conviction/passion is key to that process.

Hopefully you all have formed your teams by now. Our agenda for tomorrow is going to be as follows:

1) Confirmation of teams

2) A 2 minute ‘elevator sales pitch’ from each of the teams (either as a group or from a representative of each team) about the team idea (any idea for now – may not be the one you finally go with) – focus on these key things – idea/product, who it is targeted at, what is the value/benefit ?

3) Introduction to the next phase – how do you ‘MAKE’ the product/service you have designed. Irrespective of whether it is a physical product or  software, there is a ‘fulfillment flow’ – that ensures that you are able to take a sale, process that sale, produce the product/make the product available through a specific ‘channel’ – whether it is a storefront, a CD or a site. We will need to answer questions such as – how do you make the product, how do you ‘move’ that product to the storefront/consumption point and make it available to the customer.

I will join via web conference and Shameer will facilitate the session.