Dear Instructors/Coaches,

As we near the end of our classroom sessions, I want to begin our prep for the next phase of the program in October (starting Sunday Oct 7th) which will be coaching the teams on their respective ideas and put together the business plans, prototypes and supporting materials, culminating in the business plan competition on Nov 4th.

We expect to have about 5 teams (20 kids – so 4 in a team), so I would need 5 coaches. I have talked to some if not all of you individually about your acting as a coach. I would like to make sure you have this on your calendars and can make the commitment. Based on my discussions with you, I believe I can count on the following.  (And we can certainly use more help if available – perhaps 2 to a team). These suggestions are based on ease and logistical convenience.

1. Pawan  – (Team 1 – Parakh plus 3 more kids)
2. Dayakar – (Team 2 – Sanath plus 3 more kids)
3. Sudy / Jay – (Team 3 – TBD)
4. Adam – (Team 4 – TBD)
5. Dilip – (Team 5 TBD)

I would like you to be available at the session next Sunday, Sep 30th (at least towards the later part of the session – around 3 pm) so that we can form the teams, and assign the coaches.

We will continue to meet at the same location at the same time every Sunday in October.

> 1:00 pm – Start with a quick recap for 10-15 minutes on any common issues, questions we may have
> 1:15 pm – 3:45 pm – Break out into individual team discussions and planning.
> 3:45 – Reconvene, wrap up (if necessary)

If there are any issues/questions (or suggestions), please let me know.