Hey TYE class,

Heartiest Congratulations to everyone on the successful completion of the TYE program and becoming “graduates” of  TYE Dallas’s inaugural year, 2012.  You are now officially ‘TYE Dallas’ alums. I am very proud of each and everyone of you. It was very clear for everyone to see that the excellent presentations yesterday were a result of a lot of research, hard work and commitment. You certainly met and exceeded everyone’s expectations.

I said all are winners. That is right – all of you are winners. It is a competition however, and there are placements. For the record, following were the placements.

1st Place – $1000 – Team 3 – Kamesh, Sohum, Shivangi, Katie D, Autusa
2nd Place -$500 – Team 2 – Sanath, Sreyas, Akhil, Ricky, Armand
3rd Place – $250 – Team 1 – Parakh, Simar, Aakash, Kavi, Naina
4th Place – $100 – Team 4 – Alex, Peter, Katie K
5th Place – $100 – Team 5 – Kunal, Simran, Bridget

We will communicate separately on how the checks will be distributed.  Team 3 will represent Dallas at the TYE Global event (and win there !)

The team presentations are here – Team 1 (Allerstat), Team 2 (Ayvo), Team 3 (VitaMe), Team 4 (WaveDecade), and Team 5 (uTour).

The pictures from yesterday’s event are in the gallery (thanks to Dayakar for being our ‘photographer’). The event was streamed live at www.justin.tv/nathanresearch and the video is still there  (but it won’t be there for too long). You will need to enter a passcode – ‘justintye’ to watch. (We will separately upload other available videos from the event soon).  I saw several parents take pics/videos. If you can have them send me what they have, that would be great, we could upload that as well. I am especially interested in some good videos of the award ceremonies – since what we captured didn’t turn out too good!

Be in touch with each other and your coaches as you go forward with your plans and careers. Feel free to ask questions, and bounce ideas. In addition to this site/blog, I have also created a Google Group for you guys to stay in touch with each other, exchange ideas and network. The group name is TYE Dallas – Class of 2012 and the email id is tyedallas2012@googlegroups.com

Thanks again to all of you students, as well as coaches,  instructors, and parents.

Good luck!