Hey TYE Class,

Hope you are having fun building those ideas and business plans in preparation for the Nov 4th competition. Judging by the intensity of the discussions within teams last Sunday, I can see how fully engaged you are with your respective ideas and plans. It is great to observe all the research, hard work, brainstorming and planning.  In another 10 days or so, it would be time to present your plans.  All of us eagerly await Nov 4th.

We have gone over the details of the competition earlier,  but just to remind you, here is what to expect over the next two weeks.

Sunday, Oct 28th 
– We will convene as usual at 1:00 pm and have a quick overall summary from the teams, before we go into ‘mock’ presentation sessions – which will give you an opportunity to present to a panel and receive feedback – so that you can be well prepared for Nov 4th. We will plan for 15 minutes of presentation with 15 minutes of feedback for each team inside the conference room. A ‘mock’ panel and your coach will be judging and giving feedback
Be sure to review:
– Requirements/Judging guidelines – (TYE Dallas 2012 Competition – Guidelines)
– Presentation tools (a business plan, a presentation and the financial sheet)

Sunday, Nov 4th, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm 
– Business attire recommended for all participants
– Please arrive a few minutes early – all teams will assemble in a different room and will come in when called
– Teams will present in an order picked at random; Once your presentation is over, you can sit in the audience and watch the other teams
– Each team will get about 15 mins to present and 5 minutes for Q&A from the judges
– After all presentations are over, we will take a short break (15 mins) for the judges to discuss and finalize the results.
– Parents are invited to observe (Please let them know. I will send a separate email to them as well). Have them bring their cameras as well as any refreshments they can, for the break !
– After the break, we will announce the results, do the awards and closing remarks
– Be prepared for a slightly longer session for this final session of the TYE2012 class (by about an hour – from 1 to 5 pm).

I am sure I am forgetting a thing or two but we will be sure to cover everything this Sunday, Oct 28th.

Good luck in your prep and see you Sunday