Hello everyone,  
Wow! What a week. It is remarkable how the world has changed in just a few days!  
I will keep this short, considering this is going to sound similar to a number of other emails you all would be receiving at this time. Needless to say, we at TiE Dallas, will be moving to a ‘online’ / ‘virtual’ mode for the foreseeable future for all our upcoming events and programs, consistent with everything that is going on around us and per the guidance from TiE Global. This includes the monthly TiE Tuesdays as well as the TYE 2020 program that just got started as well.  

We officially launched the TYE 2020 program on, Sunday Mar 15th, via Zoom, and saw great participation and engagement from the students. Likewise, our next TiE Tuesday scheduled for March 24th will go to an online format as well. You will get a link to the web conference after you register. With the change in format, it is necessary that you register. We expect as usual a feature presentation, a couple of startup pitches and possibly a presentation from Global. The tentative lineup of the speakers and presentations is as follows:
Thomas John, President and CEO of Calpion
Vijay Menon, TiE Global Executive director
Sandhya Padala, Founder of EdTech Startup
Veer Mehta, Founder of Halo Health

Please register for the event at this LINK 
Having said that, I just wanted to wish everyone the best – in navigating the current times, to stay safe and to help anyone in need in any manner we can.
It is times like this that also provides us the opportunity to invent creative new solutions to our needs, to discover new ways to work, socialize, and collaborate! That’s entrepreneurship after all, isn’t it ?

I had a number of interesting conversations with some of you about how things will be changing – how we learn, work, shop, play etc. Entire industries are expected to change drastically – higher education, logistics, health care etc. And so are our behaviours –  ‘shaking hands’ is out, ‘namaste’ is in.If limiting restaurants and Dr Fauci saying we should try to stay indoors means we need to become better cooks, is it much of a stretch to say we may also need to grow crop in our backyard ? Back to basics ?

Okay, that takes us into philosophical territory but it is ‘food’ for thought for sure (pardon the pun), and puts things in perspective. Let us debate these and other topics in a webinar series, shall we ? We can have experts chime in on how the world is changing around us!. Please send us your ideas and solutions for such topics and we shall see if we can organize these into a series of webinars.

Ram Viswanathan,
President TiE Dallas