From: Ram []
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2012 5:09 PM
Subject: TYE Program Update – 2012-2013 – Action(s) Needed


Dear Coaches, Instructors, Volunteers and Friends,


First of all a BIG thank you to each of you for agreeing to participate and volunteer your time to this fantastic program in its inaugural year here in Dallas. Over the last several weeks I have been in touch with you to give you details of the program, get your input and develop a schedule based on our discussions.  Attached is a Excel summary with the entire program schedule with topics, sessions and presenters/coaches for the sessions, a list of all your fellow coaches, instructors etc, a list of participants and a tentative task plan (which will grow for sure).


Specific action items and points to note:

  1. All – Please review the schedule and your specific timeslot and let me know if there is any issue with the date or time. I would like to keep changes to the minimum but if absolutely necessary, we can make changes.
  2. All – Please review once more the topics, and the links provided, to help prepare for your specific sessions and if possible send me your notes/presentation material for us to keep ready prior to the day of the lecture/workshop.
  3. Jennifer – the list of names here will provide you with what you need to provide security at the Gravity Center and for badges to be made as needed.
  4. I have shown names that I have definite confirmations in bold, along with a few other names that I expect to get commitment from.  In addition, I have a few other individuals I am still reaching out to, for presentations.
  5. Geetha/Mohini – we can test the video link for your presentation to the group this Thursday when we will meet at the location. (details below)
  6. Lisa – will need your help with getting the kids registered as student members on the first day of the session (Saturday, 8/25/12)
  7. Apart from the main speakers in each session, we could also use the help of coaches’/exercise champs in every session (or as many as possible).
  8. I am told that the kids may need to be fed – perhaps Pizza (or snacks) and drinks after each session. I agree but need a volunteer to  take this on – to get food delivered on the days of the program (perhaps one or more of the parents ?)
  9. This file has also been uploaded into Box for access by those of us who have access to the TiE account/directory.


Please confirm your availability for a team meeting I would like to have, at the Gravity Center on Thursday, 8/23/12 at  4 pm with whoever can make it there at that time.. We will also open a bridge for those who want to join in via phone/web/video. The coordinates are as follows. We will use these same coordinates every time we need to have a audio/video call in future.

Dial +1 (312) 878-3082
Access Code: 921-896-000
Meeting ID: 921-896-000


I am sure there are things that we will find along the way that we will need to incorporate in the program to make it more meaningful and productive for the kids. I look forward to working with you to make the program successful,  fun and fulfilling.





Ram Viswanathan