Dear TYE class,

Hope you are starting to get a hang of what this entrepreneurship thing is all about.. Yes, it is about a bunch of different things – having ideas, being able to articulate these ideas, and being able to bring these ideas to fruition – making ‘things happen’, getting things built and creating value.

There is a classic debate about whether entrepreneurs are born or made. Well, by now you would have realized that there are some characteristics that are inherent in an entrepreneurial mindset   – passion, persistence, and drive, to name a few. You have also heard about other characteristics that could be learnt –  discipline, patience, team building, and of course subject matter knowledge. Some of us attended a seminar recently on this topic – on what makes an entrepreneur – nature or nurture – and the conclusion was that it is a bit of both.

Well, we are about a third into the program and have two more lecture sessions before the workshops begin. I would strongly encourage all of you at this time, to start thinking about those ideas of yours, start doing the necessary research, gather data, etc, so that when the workshops begin, you are ready with your draft plans/proposals. Feel free anytime to bounce these ideas off of us coaches, as well.

Thanks to Sudy, Jay and Param for an enlightening, fun session on Operations and Fulfillment. It is said that it is not easy to make ‘Operations’ fun but we did it, I believe. Slides from the session are here –  TYE Dallas-2012-2013-Operations-Sep 16

The next class is going to be about – Money, Money and yes, Money – how to source it for investment, how to use it (wisely), how to generate more of  it with your own venture and how it functions as a metric to measure the value as well as the performance of a business. Later, we will see how to keep it in perspective, however.

See you soon.