Glad to see things are coming along nicely with the idea generation and business planning, among the teams.

I am populating our portal with some business plan templates that may be helpful. These are somewhat detailed plans and it is not expected that you follow these templates to the nth degree and complete all the sections. But the templates would be good to refer to. You need only complete the sections that are relevant to your specific business ideas. And feel free to modify these templates as appropriate. We will identify and provide more templates as needed.

TYE Business Plan Template 1 – Word

TYE Business Plan Template 1 – Powerpoint

TYE Business Plan Template 1 – Spreadsheet

Remember the important thing is the value of the idea and your passion with the idea and how well you can get others excited about it. As I mentioned, once you get past that stage, these plans will fall in place. Your respective coaches and I will help you with it as needed. We won’t write these plans for you just like we won’t come up with the idea, but we can certainly help.

So, again, these plan documents while important, (especially for the judging process), are merely tools for communication.

Presentation from the 10-07-12 session is at TYE Dallas-2012-2013-Workshop-Oct7v2. Thanks to Sai for sharing his insights with the case study.