Hey team,

Good to see you all on Sunday. With the completion of the lecture series of the workshop, we are on to the task of putting the learning into practice!

It was great to see the teaming, brainstorming and the germination of ideas among the teams.

Thanks again to our guest speakers – Shameer and Krish on Sunday.  Last week and throughout the last several weeks, you have had the opportunity to listen to some highly experienced, accomplished and committed individuals. Please realize how fortunate and privileged you are, to have in our midst people of such high caliber wanting to coach and mentor you, because (as it was so eloquently put last week), you are our future leaders. Take advantage of the learning and let us see some solid ideas and plans in the next few weeks. Our goal should be to develop a plan that wins at the National! .

The presentation from last week is at TYE Dallas-2012-2013-Checks-Sep30v2. The team constitutions that you came up with, are at the end of this slide deck. I have placed the names of those that weren’t there last week and did not let us know, on the last team (Team 5).  Though all of us meet together next Sunday, individual teams should feel free to continue to brainstorm and plan, with and without their respective coaches during the week as much as possible. Use the tools and resources we have on this site as well as your own independent research. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Also, you will want to review the rules, guidelines and judging criteria for the competition at this link – TYE Dallas 2012 Competition – Guidelines

More later.


P.S – Those intending to attend TiECON this coming Saturday, Oct 6th, please let me or Lisa Chung know.