Hello TYErs,

Hope you all had a great summer and off to a great start with the new academic season!!

Wanted to give you all a quick update on what’s ahead from TYE and get your thoughts/ideas/engagement.

1. First, we have a TiECON conference coming up on Saturday Oct 11th (at the Westin Dallas Park Central). Details at http://tieconsouth.org/

2. TYE is going to be showcased as one of the highlights at TiECON  and we will have about 30 mins – expect this to be around 11:00 am, before lunch.  I would like each of the teams that participated in the Dallas finals  to be prepared to present a 4 (FOUR) minute summary about the idea, the sales plan, operations plan, and quick financials. Have one slide (or at most 2 or 3) that summarizes everything.   It is ok if not all team members are available to present because of schedule conflicts. Whoever is available can represent that team. This is a great opportunity to get in front of a large audience, summarize your ideas and present them succinctly and who knows ? perhaps get somebody interested enough to invest in your idea !  And as participants you will get to attend the conference for free. (of course your parents, guardians and friends would have to be pay. Check the site for details and spread the word.

Please confirm to me that you will or will not be able to participate. I need to make plans, set expectations, decide on logistics etc accordingly.

3. We are in the planning stages for next year’s TYE program- we will likely start around the same time frame like last year – late January. Would like to get some engagement from you all as alumni and help volunteer in the program for the new class. Let me know your interest and availability for this as well.

I have included the previous year’s (2013) alumni too, on this message and would like to get their engagement, participation and ideas as well.