Hey team, as a follow up to earlier emails, just wanted to let you all know we will plan on meeting at 1:00 pm on Sunday the 18th Nov at the Indian Creek Ranch Park (scroll down to facility # 33).  This is close to the Coyote Ridge Golf Club (centrally located and in my neighbourhood). I realize it is the weekend before Thanksgiving and some of you might have other plans and that is fine. Whoever can make it, please do.  This was also sent to the googlegroups account.

By the way, here is some press we got recently.

33. Indian Creek Ranch Park

Amphitheater Th

1645 Coyote Ridge Map(North of Hebron at end of Hunt Drive

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Amphitheater Th

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Hey team,

Looks like some of us want to get together next Sunday Nov 18th (same time 1 pm) for some fun and games.

We will pick the place sometime later this week but for now please put this down on your calendar.

We will also hopefully be able to hand out the checks to whoever shows up; and also discuss who all want to take their ideas forward and what help they may need.



Ram Viswanathan