Hello TYE 2014 class,

If you are receiving this message, you are enrolled in the TYE program for 2014.

Great kick off to the program last week.  Hope you all have your thinking hats on now, after the ‘THINK’ session!.

Now towards preparation for this Sunday’s (tomorrow’s) session, we would like for each of you to come prepared with an idea that you might have been thinking about and be ready to share that with the rest of the group. This does not have to be the idea that your group may end up picking towards the biz plan preparation but something you feel excited/passionate about. We also would like to begin the process of team formation. The sooner you start working in teams, the better.

We will also be talking about the value of a plan – what to plan for, how much to plan and what you can’t plan for.

See you all tomorrow.