Great to hear all the various ideas that you all seem to be having. As we discussed last week, the next thing is to do something about it – plan a course of action around an idea .

Just to remind you, the exercise we had given you was to think, write down /outline and be prepared to discuss

– a summary of  the idea

– what the product or service will be

– who will be the ‘customers’

– how will you sell the idea/product

– how will you set a price for it

– how will you build the product

– how will you keep the company running (pay bills and if it is a for-profit, how will you generate a profit)

Next class we will talk specifically about the art and science of sales.


P.S – I realize some of you may have had some challenges getting to the right  location last week (ECSS building). If there are any questions, please let me know.