Next week, be prepared to discuss how you are going to price your product, what kind of revenues you are projecting, the costs you will incur and the profits you will make, and the seed funding you will need, based on the learnings from last week (thanks Dilip and Dayakar).

We will also be featuring a talk on ethics in business which I am sure you will find hugely motivational.

As we near the end of the lecture sessions, you all need to start engaging within your teams (saw the process happening last week and it was good). We will have coaches assigned to each team and you will have to get busy defining your respective ideas further and going through the steps we have learnt as you put your business plan together.  Remember you have to do the research, planning and execution.  The coaches are there to guide you and answer questions, not to do your research for you.

See you Sunday. I will be joining via audio/video from India.